Marcel Duchamp, The Big Winner in 2018, maybe?

I think that in the run of this year 2018, there could come shocking news straight from Marcel Duchamp. It is only a guess, but it looks like a logical final step in his more than lifelong strategy. And it is to be the closing part of the game he played with the art world in his days and still now with us. In the same way magazines publish the solutions to their puzzles, riddles, problems and puns in a next edition, Marcel Duchamp will give us the correct answers in some next time.

Duchamp once said that the work of an artist only becomes true art decades later by the viewers of another era and that the aim of the actual artist does not matter at all (see El Greco).

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Briefly what I think about Marcel Duchamp, and how it all went. (2015)

In 2011 I read for the first time a book about Marcel Duchamp.
I was 55 then and a visual artist since 1980.
The book started with the description of “Etant donné: 1) la chute d’eau, 2) le gaz de l’éclairage”.
This post-humous work of Duchamp was not known to me then.
But I just wondered “Why post-humous?” and started to think and look differently at his works.
The two given keys opened the enigmas hidden in Duchamp’s work.
It was all straight erotically, a very specific kind of erotica and just unbelievable!

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